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FASD Awareness Month

September is
FASD Awareness Month

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This website is for children and young people with FASD. There’s no pressure to memorise what’s here.
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We have a jingle!

Dom's tour of FASD.me

Dom is a young adult with FASD. He created this fantastic tour of the “Me and My FASD website” to help users see what’s on the site. Thanks Dominic!

What does FASD mean to you?

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is lifelong. It happens when people were affected by alcohol in pregnancy before they were born. Learning about FASD and strategies that can help makes things easier.

It can even be fun! 

About this site

This website is packed full of ideas to help you understand and own your diagnosis.

It’s written with advice from adults and young people in the UK who have FASD and a whole team of experts and families. 

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