Sensory Activities

Sensory Activities

Did you know that your senses can help you in many ways?

They also help people with FASD learn and self-regulate. 

Every person with FASD is different.

Click on the options below for some ideas.

When things get a bit much it’s good to chill.

Many people with FASD find that doing things using their senses helps a lot.

We’d love to see what you do.

What helps you?

Your senses are a super power to help your brain remember things

Here are some examples. 

  • Sing a song about a lesson.
  • Build a model.
  • Smell smells that fit with the lesson.
  • Create a video and watch it again later.
  • Jump up and down in rhythm to a poem.


What works for you?

Too much of a good thing can cause challenges

People with FASD can also be oversensitive to sensory input.

That’s very real and it’s best to avoid things that overwhelm you.

Sometimes an occupational therapist can  help.

Sensory videos

These videos were part of our first ever experimental Me and My FASD Club pack – they have ideas for activities you can do at home. 

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