The Misunderstoods: Living FASD

The Misunderstoods

The Misunderstoods: Living FASD

Meet some new friends!

Buddy, Foxy, Claws and Dino are The Misunderstoods.

They all have FASD and they are here to help you learn more about living with FASD. 

People with FASD asked for a game about living with FASD, so we made one!

One of our advisors with FASD suggested we create a brand new board game about living with FASD. Such a great idea! Thanks Andy!

This game is designed to play with people who support you.  

Flip It! Cards

They help you see things from a different perspective.

FASD Fact Cards

Full of info about FASD.

Frustrated cards

These show coping strategies from others with FASD

Loads more fun!

The game has sensory activities, mindful moments, star tokens, and special “You’re Awesome” stepping stones. 

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