Awareness Month

FASD Awareness Month

This month is for YOU


You are part of a global movement


In September, people all across the UK hold events and share information about FASD.

9/9 is International FASD Day – it represents the importance of going alcohol-free for the 9 months of pregnancy

It’s a time to celebrate people with FASD. 

This year, we have action planned throughout the month, stay tuned!

The FASD Song

All new for 2022!

This song was written by TB and performed with others with FASD.

They want you to know you are not alone!

Self portraits

We are re-upping these from last year.

We asked for your self portraits and they were awesome, just like you!

Self Portrait
Red shoes - FASD awareness month



Some people wear red shoes on 9/9. The idea came from RJ, an adult with FASD in Canada, who decided way back in 2013 to wear RED SHOES to stand out and have some fun when starting conversations about FASD.

Celebrate you


But don’t worry, you can wear what you want on 9/9.

But maybe take a moment that day and think about how hard you try and how you are learning about your FASD.

Be proud of who you are on 9/9 and every day!

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