UK FASD Manifesto

UK FASD manifesto poster


People with FASD ask for the same respect as others

People with FASD here in the UK have created a manifesto that says how they would like doctors, teachers, parents and others to better support people with FASD.

More than 60 people gave us their ideas!

The UK FASD Manifesto was revealed by five young adults with FASD at a big national conference at the University of Salford on 30 March 2023.  

People said it was the BEST part of the conference!

Way to go Bailie, Claire, Georgia, Rachel, and Paula!


Manifesto Health Secretary

Big news! Your voices have been heard by the Health Secretary!

Georgia is a young adult with FASD. She met her MP and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Steve Barclay, and presented him with copies of the UK FASD Manifesto.

She also talked to him about the challenges faced by people with FASD as they turn 18 and become adults.

Georgia said: “It was really good to spend 40 minutes talking to Steve Barclay about how FASD has affected me and what needs to be done […] to support people with FASD. He was very genuine and interested in what I had to say to him.”

How we want you to treat us

By people with FASD

Every word in this animation comes from someone with FASD. 

A huge thank you to Georgia and Jody, two young adults with FASD, for doing the voice over! 

Write to your MP!

Download our PDF letter template or write your own letter and send to your MP to make them aware of the UK FASD Manifesto.

Letter template to MP

Letter template

UK FASD manifesto poster

Manifesto poster

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You can print this out and give it to people to show them how people with FASD want to be supported.


Here are some photos from the big reveal of the UK FASD Manifesto.  Stay tuned, we have  videos coming soon too! 

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