Calm Breathing

...and breathe

This page can come in handy if you need to step back and chill.

Just try to breathe in and out in time to the circle.

Do this for as long as you like until you feel calm.

Everyone is different

The best timing may be different for you.

You do not need to inhale and exhale at specific times.

But it can help you to think about your breathing.

You can do this anywhere and any time.

Try to exhale for a little longer than you breathe in.

Fun to try

Take 5! 

You and your family can have a secret “Take 5” code. When someone says “Take 5” you all take 5 deep breaths to calm.

Silent La-La

Try saying a silent ‘la-la-la’ as you exhale. Imagine your breath is as long as your spine.

(Thanks to Jessica Wolf for the silent lala idea.)

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