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The links on this page will lead you to ideas for activities that people with FASD have found useful or interesting.

Click on as many as you like. 

Everyone’s different

Some will work for you, some might not.

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Calming Cards

Home A set of cards with suggestions from more than 70 young people with FASD about what  helps them to stay calm. Use these cards

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Sensory Activities

Did you know that your senses can help you in many ways? They also help people with FASD learn and self-regulate. Every person with FASD

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Brain House

When things become confusing have you ever flipped your lid?  Done something without thinking about it? Been told that you’ve done something but can’t remember?

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When I

We all feel angry or sad sometimes.  There are lots of things we can do to help us feel better. What helps you? Here are

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