Me & My FASD Club

All new!

We tried out the Me and My FASD Club in spring 2021.

300 young people with FASD in England received a special Me and My FASD Club pack. 

If you didn’t get a pack you can still do most of the activities.

We are exploring ideas for how to continue the Club in the future. Watch this space!

Living with FASD magazine issue one thumbnail

Living with FASD magazine

Our magazine has launched and it’s full of great content for people with FASD.

Break it down board and cards

Break it Down Board

Introducing this all-new visual board. Click below for directions and PDFs to download for use at home if you don’t have a board.

calming cards - 3 examples

Calming Cards

These calming cards were created with ideas from more than 50 people with FASD. Click below for more information and for a PDF you can download so you can print out the cards at home (or they can be ordered from the merch section).

Stay at home guide

Our stay at home guide has lots of fun ideas and things to do at home.

Get the merch!

If you didn’t receive a pack, it’s possible to order some of the items from our merch section. Ask your parents or carers to have a look. We are selling these at ‘cost’ – what it costs us to get them printed and shipped to you. We are sorry but for now we can only post these items to the UK. 

People with FASD are ambitious too!

Me & My FASD Club

Stay tuned – there will be more news about the Me and My FASD Club coming soon.

A special thank you

Funds for these Me and My FASD Club boxes and our continuing work to scope out the future of the Me and My FASD Club are provided through the support of Pears Foundation (via Contact),
as part of Government's £750 million charities package.
National FASD greatly appreciates this programme that enables us to help us support people with FASD during COVID.

A thanks also to the DHSC - a couple of the items on this page were created as part of a partnership between
Seashell and National FASD, funded by the DHSC.
The Contact/Pears/DCSM grant made it possible to distribute these to 300 young people across England. 

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