I Get Through

Some days can be hard


Chorus: C D G Em C D G

Verse: D C

Bridge: A G A G A D

Does your brain get jumbled? Find it hard to cope?

More than the 70 young people with FASD in the UK sent their ideas for the lyrics for this song. 

It’s about what helps them to get through when it’s difficult.


Here are some suggestions from the song:


Did you see all the amazing people in the video?

The video is full of young people with FASD just like you. 

They are doing things that help them feel happy and calm.

The chorus is sung by two young adults with FASD and Flis, our music director, who sings the rest of the words.


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Coming soon

Our coping cards feature ideas sent in by young people with FASD.

Our new game, The Misunderstoods: A Game of Life with FASD, also includes ideas from young people with FASD. 




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