My Brain, Me and FASD Interactive Comic

The all new, interactive My Brain, Me and FASD is here!

Have some fun and learn about FASD

Click to see a special interactive comic version of "My Brain, Me and FASD". It explains what FASD is, how it affects people and things that people with FASD have done to make their lives easier.

It works best on a computer or tablet

Do it on your own or with someone who supports you.

It shows you how to create diagrams and lists to show others the kinds of things that help you.

Share the print outs to help others better understand you. 

Play it as many times as you like.

A special surprise - click on the speech bubbles

The voice you hear in this is a young person with FASD. Read about Rossi’s adventure in the recording studio here

If you have trouble printing

Some people might find it hard to print the sections on here that are for printing. 

If that happens to you, remember you can always take a screenshot. Or you can ask an adult to help you.

Top tip

You can click on your profile pic to see what sections you have unlocked.

You can also make notes there or change your profile pic or name.

What do you think?

We would love to know if this gives you some new information and ideas about living with FASD. 

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