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What's here on your special page?
• A sneak peak of January's Living FASD magazine
• Fun holiday sensory activities

This fantastic Christmas street art was made by Josh, 15, who like you has FASD.  


You will learn more about Josh and his street art in the January issue of Living FASD.


From January 2023 – March 2024 you will receive 5 Living FASD magazines and a lot more – a comic, postcards, posters, and a special Me and MY FASD gift!

You will read stories about how others with FASD are doing.

You will have fun and learn strategies that help from people who are Living FASD too!

Here is a sneak preview of January’s Living FASD cover. 

Cover of Living FASD 1.1 - a green background with a teen boy with dark hair and black hoodie. Text says "The Making of the FASD Song" Have your say about how people with FASD should be treated, inside people with FASD tell you what helps them, including music, mindfulness, sport and activity, sunflower lanyards, arts, crafts, and lots more + activities for you to try.

Holiday fun! Just for you!

Below are some activities you can download and enjoy during this special time. These activities could help you have fun exploring your senses.

You get to see these first as a special access preview just for Me and My FASD Club members! Enjoy!

Christmas can be hard

Christmas can be hard!

Even though the holidays can be fun, they can be difficult too. This will help you explain to others what you find hard.

Draw a holiday picture

Draw a holiday picture

We’d love to see your drawings! We will share them with others if you send them to us. Your artwork might even be chosen for National FASD’s holiday card next year!

FASD holiday word search 1

FASD holiday word search #1

Lots of people with FASD love doing word searches. Do you? Have a try and see if you can find the words.

FASD holiday word search 2

FASD holiday word search #2

If you want a more challenging word search, give this one a go!

What are our senses?

What are our senses?

This short info guide shows you have more senses than you might realise!

Our senses matching game

Our senses matching game

Do you know all the senses?

What sensory activities do you like?

What sensory activities do you like?

Sensory activitie are a great way to help you stay cool. What helps you cope? 

Winter sensory scavenger hunt

Winter sensory scavenger hunt

This is fun activity you can do with others – see how many of these sensory rich items you can find!

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