Andy Goes to Uganda and Finland

Coaching underprivileged children in Uganda Andy went to Uganda with Arsenal Football Club to help coach football.  He had an amazing time. He proved that people with FASD can help our societies in so many ways Elf’ing around in Finland Andy loves travelling.  He spent nine months in Finland in a multi-cultural programme.  He had […]

Georgia Gets Her Driving Licence

Georgia says, “I definitely don’t think FASD should hold you back.”  People around her weren’t sure if she could do it. But she wanted to try. Lots of people don’t have driving licences and that’s okay too. If you want to see if you might be able to, Georgia says, “Give it a go.”

Josh Creates Street Art

I like it when people walk by when I am painting and take pictures… watch this space. The best is yet to come!!” Josh I have FASD. I was born in the UK and was adopted by an American mom and a British dad so I have dual citizenship and I love spending time in […]