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I like it when people walk by when I am painting and take pictures… watch this space. The best is yet to come!!”

I have FASD. I was born in the UK and was adopted by an American mom and a British dad so I have dual citizenship and I love spending time in America. My Uncle lives on the beach in Florida and I like to spend my summer holidays there.

It makes me angry that I have FASD. I don’t like that I don’t always understand things and I don’t want people to think I am stupid or different. I hate that I feel angry a lot of the time and sometimes my heart races but street art, playing guitar and mountain  biking make me feel good. FASD doesn’t keep me from being really good at certain things. I have always liked street art. My mom took me on a street art tour in London and I was hooked. I saw my first Banksy and how much it was worth and I started taking stencil/paste up/slaps and spray painting classes a couple of years ago with a street artist from my area.

My mom and dad say we should focus on doing things we enjoy…get really good at it and make a career out of it. I think my street art is pretty good so I started doing throw ups in a tunnel near where I live and moved on to doing some bigger pieces. I like it when people walk by when I am painting and take pictures. It makes me feel good. My art is starting to get some respect and doesn’t get painted over near as much as it used to and at my school in CAD design, I am creating some slaps and other merchandise with my work on it to sell on the school website so…watch this space. The best is yet to come!!

A selection of Josh's work:

Josh was included in an inspiring video called “Fierce Talent” from Jumped Up Theatre. Can you spot him doing his street art? Click here to watch it on YouTube.

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