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Bringing voice to the screen

Rossi spent a day in a professional recording studio creating more than 80 sound files for the My Brain, Me and FASD interactive comic here on  this website.

The Jake Waby Productions studio became FASD central for a day in November. Rossi rocked it!

Have a listen to Rossi’s voice over

The voice of living with FASD

Rossi speaks for so many with FASD.

Years of training

It’s no accident Rossi’s great at this, he has learnt at one of the country’s top performing arts schools.

His creativity and abilities shine through, especially when he’s given the right support for his FASD.

Rossi has also teamed up with MuchLaughter: Stand Up for FASD with The Rossi Makeover Show – a very popular comedy makeover show that showcases his training in make up artistry.

He did a special show for 9/9 FASD Awareness Day.

“I am creative!” – in Rossi’s case, this is so very true

Have a listen and see if you can hear Rossi in “My Brain, Me and FASD“.

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