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Dom is a young leader

Dominic is 21. He’s been raising awareness about FASD since he was little.

This is a self-portrait he made that has been hanging in National FASD’s office for many years. 


Crayon drawing of a young person with FASD

Dom was diagnosed with FASD when he was young. 

Over the years, he has worked hard to understand his FASD. 

He says that when he was younger, he didn’t understand FASD very well, but now he’s older, he understands it much better. 

Dominic was featured in some films National FASD made. Here he is in one of them.

Maybe you saw Dom’s video on our homepage when he did a tour of the website? 

He has met a few celebrities including Danni Minogue. He’s also been on TV!

He also has been an ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Check out Dom's new video

He explains what he enjoys doing and what is hard for him. You can see Dom with some stars in here too if you look closely.

Be like Dom!

Can you draw a self-portrait too? 

Show your parents/carers the link below. 

If you send us a self-portrait you might win a copy of our new game “The Misunderstoods”.

We will post your self-portrait for September FASD Awareness month.

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